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Yay!  We are always so honored to be featured in magazines.  Knowing that more women are learning about the wonders of Hidden Crown Hair Extensions excites us!  And the fact that our extensions were featured in Women’s Health Magazine makes us giddy with joy!

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“Think [hair extensions] are tacky, damaging, way too complicated?  You’re doing it wrong.” -Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health Magazine asked Azzy Parsiani from RPZL for Hair Extension Advice!  And what did Parsiani say?

“Keep it real.  Opt for 100% Remy hair, human strands that look the most natural.  Try Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, a band that you slide onto your head, brush, and go.  It’s that flippin’ easy.”

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Yes!  Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are in fact made of 100% Remy hair!  Remy hair is the best kind of hair to use for extensions because they appear the most natural… They blend so wonderfully, no one would ever know you were wearing a Hidden Crown!


@hairby_bonnieb | color 60/8P | 20 in.


“Place it on your head, brush, and go” really are the only steps you need to do!  There is NO clipping involved, at all!

Don’t believe us?  Watch our YouTube video below to see how easy it truly is! 

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Once again, thank you Women’s Health Magazine for featuring us in your June issue!  We are so grateful!  Did anyone reading this discover Hidden Crown Hair Extensions through Women’s Health?  Let us know below!


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