Happy Valentine’s Day

Can you believe it’s already Valentines Day???

What do you have planned on this special holiday? We have a few things planned ourselves, from romantic getaways to relaxing at home with our significant others. Read more to find out what our Valentine’s Day plans are ♥

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

Sometimes a mix of going out and staying in is the perfect combination. Today we are starting our mornings off by sleeping in with our significant others and waking up to what one can only hope is breakfast in bed. Once we have some fuel in us, it’s time to exchange some gifts! Fingers crossed he remembered to get me my new length in my Hidden Crown .

The gifts have been opened, so what now?

Well there are two options…

get back in bed or get ready and go out.

Most of us have chosen to go out and take on the day head first. As the forecast has predicted it’s supposed to turn out to be a beautiful day! Some of us will be having a picnic by the beach or hiking the San Bernardino mountain. Others will be whisked away in a horse drawn carriage to their romantic destination or climbing into a hot air balloon to see a sweet message written just for them in the sky.

Whatever the day ends up turning into, we know it will me memorable and we hope yours will be too! Comment below or post a picture and tag us in it and tell us what your plans end up being today!

We shared our story, it’s now time to share yours ♥


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