Today is a celebration of all of the mothers out there!

Keep reading to learn more about our very own CEO/Founder of Hidden Crown Shelley GoodStein & our extremely talented Bonnie B. and their relationships with their daughters!

Shelley GoodStein is a mother, the CEO/Founder of Hidden Crown, and has an endless list of accomplishments with her businesses. But she shares one special career with her daughter: her and her daughter are both models with Ford Models agency. Spot Chandler, Shelley’s daughter, in the May issue of PrisTeen Magazine!



Isn’t their beauty just absolutely stunning! You can definitely see why they were featured in the May issue and how they became models.

They have a very close-knit relationship and love doing fun and new things with one another. Shelley and her daughter love modeling together and supporting one another in their other endeavors. They are strong, gorgeous women with big hearts and intelligent minds.

Shelley wears Color #2 – 16″.

Bonnie B. and her daughter are just as amazing. They are very close and love spending as much time with one another as they possibly can.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.48.36 PM

These two are almost inseparable. They are constantly texting and updating one another what’s going on in their lives when they can’t be together. They are always taking selfies while driving to school or while getting ready together in the morning.

Bonnie wears Color #60/8P.

These four amazing and beautiful ladies are such an inspiration of how a mother/daughter relationship should and can be. If you just put in a little effort and time with anything it can be a really amazing thing.

This mothers day should be spent like any other day, being kind and generous to the woman who brought you into this world. We know these ladies are going to have a good day and we hope your day is spectacular too!

Comment below and share what you have planned for this mothers day!♥


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