It’s the greatest time of year!  A time to spend with loved ones, show your appreciation, and enjoy the warmth of the love surrounding you…

•  Happy Holidays  •




It’s the greatest time of year. ♥ In the spirit of gift giving and holiday joy, we wanted to take a moment to thank YOU.  Throughout this past year, we’ve received endless support from women all over the world.  We’re ecstatic each time we get positive feedback about a Hidden Crown Hair Extensions experience.  We’ve said this multiple times before, our main goal is to make women feel beautiful and confident.  To know that we are helping women achieve this is brings us ultimate satisfaction.


So… THANK YOU for the kind words you send our way.  Thank you for each photo you send us, the positive message you help us spread, and for being the amazing women that you all are.  That is the one of the best gifts you could give us.  In return, we do the best we can to show our gratitude.  We hope you all enter our giveaways to receive a gift from us.  We have monthly Hidden Crown Hair Extension giveaways on Facebook and weekly Crown Jewel giveaways on Instagram.


We wish you a fun and safe holiday!


Lots of love,

• Hidden Crown •