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Wearing your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions always gives your hair instant life and shape— the extensions are made of real hair, after all!  But it’s important to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible too.  We’ve gathered a few haircare tips as a guide towards beautiful hair everyday. ♥

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Want gorgeous hair to match your gorgeous Hidden Crown Hair Extensions?  Follow the three easy tips listed below.



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Avoid using the hottest setting when applying heat to your hair.  Instead, adjust the setting according to your hair texture.  Total Beauty recommends:

For fine or damaged hair: 250-300 degrees
For medium/average hair: 300-350 degrees
For thick or coarse hair: 350-400 degrees

For styling your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, we recommend:

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Maddie loves curling her Hidden Crown!



Hair Breakage:

Hair is most fragile when wet, so avoid excessive brushing or combing until it is at least mostly dry.  However, split ends will appear on your lovely locks eventually, no matter what.  Trim your ends every six to eight weeks to eliminate any split ends and prevent further breakage.



Amber has always done her best to keep her natural hair and Hidden Crown as healthy as possible.  As you can see, she does wonderfully with caring for her hair.




Shampooing your hair less often can lead to healthier hair.  Think about it this way… the less you process and touch your hair, the less it breaks.  Make the transition towards washing every other day and, eventually, move your way towards every two days.

How should you wash your Hidden Crown?  Follow these guidelines:



Bonus: not washing can give your hair great texture for braids!




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Let us know how well these tips work for you!



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