Is it Friday and you have no idea how to do your hair? Check out our favorite Friday Hairstyles we have chosen!

The hairstyles we have agreed upon are all universal! You can wear them for anything, whether you are going out or staying in.

1. Put some soft curls in your hair. Even if you are just staying in to watch a movie, if your hair looks good you will feel good too!

2. Don’t want your hair down? Throw your curls up in a pony and take a strand of hair to wrap it around the base where the elastic is at to give it that final touch!

3. Don’t have enough time to curl your hair? No problem. Split your hair in half down the back and french braid each side to create two braids! This will not only keep your hair back, but the messier it gets the cuter it looks.

4. This last one is a little more time consuming, but we love fishtail braids and think this hairstyle is the perfect touch to any occasion! Take two small pieces from either side of your crown line and fishtail them back so they wrap around the crown of your head and can be connected in the back! Tie them with an elastic and you’re ready to go! Or maybe stay in.😉

Have you tried any of these hairstyles??? Let us know what your favorite Friday hairstyle is that you think you can wear for every occasion!💕

Until Next Time…

XOXO – Hidden Crown