Festival season is approaching fast! How will you be doing your hair for the weekend?!

We have our hairstyles planned out. Read more to find out what they are!

◊ Festival Hairstyles ◊

There are so many different festivals coming up in the next few months that you need to prepare in every way, especially with how you’re going to wear your hair.

We have chosen a few of our favorite festival hairstyles that you might love too.

If you like to jump around, dance, and have a lot of energy to disperse, we recommend tying your hair back to keep it out of your eyes and your way. One way to do this is to split your hair into two sections and french braid them both down. Finish off the look with one or two headbands to accessorize.


Another way to keep your hair out of your way is to section off your hair into two sections again, but this time wrap your hair into two buns. We like to also wrap some flowers around the buns to give it that special touch.


If you want to keep your hair down you can try a half-up bun or even wearing a simple headband!

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What festivals are you going to this year and what hairstyles will you be doing?!

Comment below and let us know!


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