Both are equally as amazing, but depending on what your looking for will depend on which one is right for you!

Keep reading to see how they differ!

Our Hidden Crown & DayDream are very similar in many ways, but are also very different to reach a broader audience looking for different types of extensions.

They both feature 100% human remy hair and are a halo design on an invisible wire.

They have no clips, no glue, which means the best part of all NO DAMAGE!

Our DayDream comes in two different lengths 14″ & 18″. Our 14″ DayDream is 100 grams of hair & our 18″ DayDream is 110 grams of hair. The DayDream also features tapered ends, which means the extensions are thickest at the very top by the weft and get thinner as you get to the ends of the extensions. This is for those who like the extra hair but also don’t want their ends to look too thick.

Our Hidden Crown on the other hand comes in three different lengths, 12″, 16″, & 20″. Our Hidden Crown 12″ is 120 grams of hair & our 16″ & 20″ is 140 grams of hair. The Hidden Crown is double drawn, which means it is thick all the way through. From the weft to the ends of the hair it features the same thickness so you don’t lose out on any of your added volume! With these extensions, because of the thick ends, it makes it easy to cut and style however you’d like to blend in with your own natural hair!

Overall our signature Hidden Crown simply has more hair and thick ends (double drawn). Daydream hair is about 35% less hair and tapered ends, like your own natural hair. Tapered ends are the most common type of hair used in most extension brands. Very few companies sell double drawn hair because it is a much more expensive and rare hair. They are both made with the highest quality REMY hair & leave NO DAMAGE when you’re done wearing them!

Check out our video below to hear Bonnie B. explain this all in more detail!

Until Next Time…
XoXo – Hidden Crown 💕