The Holiday season is always a busy one & we know theres stuff to be done, so why not have a list to follow to help you out a little.

Christmas and New Years are approaching quick, but before they come theres things that are needed to be done!

We must prep for the Holidays as best as we can, but also remember to stop and enjoy the winter wonderland.

With our list we won’t get into the nitty gritty, but we will cover all the bases from head to toe.

✓ 1. Set a budget of how much you’re allowing yourself to spend this month.

✓ 2. Buy all ingredients to bake Holiday cookies & bake them.

✓ 3. Come up with a Holiday menu to serve!

✓ 4. Write down a master list of people and the gifts you’re going to give to each one.

✓ 5. Make a shopping list for any extra things you may need for decorating around the house & for the gifts.

✓ 6. Get the perfect Christmas Tree!!!

✓ 7. Set aside some time for a little family fun & decorate the inside/outside of your home.

✓ 8. Buy/make Christmas cards & send them out early!

✓ 9. Mark down special events/dinners/celebrations on your calendar so you don’t miss out.

✓ 10. Finish last minute wrapping.

✓ 11. Go somewhere new to experience Christmas lights and parades.

✓ 12. Go to an outdoor ice skating rink & ice skate.

✓ 13. Make hot chocolate and bundle up by the fire place.

✓ 14. Take a short trip to the mountains to hit the slopes or stay in and enjoy the weather.

✓15. If you have children, don’t forget to send out those letters to santa and get batteries for their toys!

✓16. Binge watch Christmas movies!

✓17. Go caroling or have your own Christmas karaoke night.

✓18. Make a gingerbread house!

✓19. Take a dorky Christmas family photo.

✓20. Volunteer!! During the Holidays it’s always good to give back a little more than you usually would.

✓21. Make homemade ornaments as a gift or for your own tree.

✓22. Throw a party! You can theme it or just have everyone come as they may!

✓23. Go to a local event and feed real reindeer.

✓24. Think about goals you want to set for the upcoming New Year.


We hope you enjoy checking off our To-Do list as much as we will!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Until next time…

XoXo – Hidden Crown