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Who loves summer as much as we do?  Beach trips, picnics, and ice cream…too amazing.  The only struggle is trying to beat the heat!  But thanks to Hidden Crown, there’s a simple solution: massive hair buns.

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sock bun 1

Toddler buns are out… massive, voluminous buns are in.  It’s a simple hairstyle taken to the next level with Hidden Crown Hair Extensions.  You can wear this hairstyle to the beach, a picnic, a hot date, or just to run errands— this look is that versatile.

Check out the photos below to be  i n s p i r e d .

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Pull out a few wisps of hair to give your hairstyle an easygoing, casual feel.


Flip your hair upside-down and begin a braid from the nape of your neck to the point of your scalp.  Tie that hair with a band and continue your bun as usual.  This gives your hair an extra unique twist.


Begin a waterfall braid just above your ear and continue around the crown of your head.  Once you reach the other side, pin the braid down as you create your bun.  Voila!  Perfect for formal occasions.


Tie your hair up into a ponytail, select a medium-sized chunk of hair, and set it aside.  Roll your bun as you normally would, but be sure not to include that piece of hair.  Afterwards, braid the left out piece, wrap it around the bun, and pin it down.

How do you roll your Hidden Crown into a bun?  Watch our Hair Tutorial below. ♥

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 Feeling inspired?  Which bun style are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below. ♥


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