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Wondering how easy it is to put on our Crown Topper? Keep reading to find out how to do it!



Both are equally as amazing, but depending on what your looking for will depend on which one is right for you!

Keep reading to see how they differ!



Having trouble with your wire? Keep reading to find out what you can do to get rid of your problems!



Having trouble hiding your wire?

It’s easy and after reading this you will never have to worry about it again!



Want to know how to straighten your Hidden Crown the proper way?

Read more to find out! 💕



Are you having trouble finding the perfect color or deciding on which color to order???

We have you covered; our color experts can help you color match any hair color!



I’m sure you are wondering how long is the life of my crown??? Keep reading for the inside scoop on how to make it last longer.


How to wash

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are made of real human hair, so they need to be washed like real hair every once in a while. Keep reading for a few tips from our color expert.



Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are halo-type extensions… but what does that mean? Let us explain!



You may see us mention all the time that Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are “double drawn.”  …But what is that?  Let us explain. ♥