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Foods Your Hair Craves!

Hello beauty queens! Today we will be taking a look into which foods help keep your hair looking beautiful, full and healthy! (more…)

Megan Fox Overcomes Trichotillomania

You’d be surprised by the number of women affected by trichotillomania. Fortunately, there are solutions to this disorder that make it unknown.


Thyroid & Hair Loss

Did you know thyroid & hair loss were connected? Keep reading to learn how…


Hair Extensions 101: Different Types of Extensions


Choosing to be more beautiful is easy. Which hair extension system to buy … not so much.


Salon Blow-Out at Home


You don’t have to leave your house or spend a dime to get the perfect blow out.

Want to know how?


How Do Hidden Crown Extensions Stay Put?

FAQ Questions 2 Blog flyer

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are so easy to put on and take off, it’s no question people always wonder how in the world they stay on.  We’re here to explain exactly how you are still able to move so freely while you wear a Crown!


How To Curl Your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

How to Curl Extensions

Learn how to blend your hair to your Hidden Crown! When you purchase a Crown, it does come straight because Hidden Crown is 100% human remy hair. Curling your hair is an easy technique, just like anything, PRACTICE makes PERFECT!


Different Types and Methods of Hair Extensions

hair extensions 101 - 1

Do you know the Pros vs. Cons of common types of hair extensions? There are several types of methods of adding length and volume to your hair, but they can have long term damage, and are very expensive! Hidden Crown Extensions are halo-shaped extensions that are DAMAGE FREE!


How To Tone Platinum Blonde More White | By Sneaky Beauty and Video by Missy Vaughn


Although we do not recommend lightening your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions we do have clients that have done so successfully! Check out this post to see how to tone Platinum Blonde hair more white.


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