#60-8P | 16 inchesOne of the most frequently asked questions we have received lately is… “Can I wear Hidden Crown Hair Extensions with short hair?”


 The answer is yes!!

The photo above is Bonnie’s gorgeous new haircut! She decided to cut her hair into an A-line style with layers, to blend her Hidden Crown even better with her hair! Photos of the back view will be posted soon. Take a look at the photos below to see Bonnie’s hair recent hair transformations from present to past… and see how she blends her Hidden Crown with these variations of short hairstyles.


In this photo, Bonnie is wearing color #60 with a length of 12 inches. The color matches perfectly, and the length looks flawless. For an individual who is new to using extensions, 12 inches is a great length to begin with… and after you are accustomed to the extra hair, it would be great to graduate to longer lengths! (And even use your 12 inch Hidden Crown extensions for stacking).

#60 | 12 inches



WHAT IS STACKING?!… you may ask. The Hidden Crown has 140 grams of the finest quality REMY hair to add instant length and volume. (12 inch Hidden Crown has 120 grams). This is the same amount of hair purchased for a full set of clip or bonded extensions. But we use a method called “Stacking” to add even more volume and also allow for a natural look with layers. In this photo Bonnie is wearing color #60 with a length of 12 and 16 inches.


This photo will show you can also have very short hair and wear the longest extensions, and still hold a natural look! This photo displays Bonnie in color #60 with a length of 20 inches.


Here is a photo of Bonnie with a longer length of short hair. Hidden Crown is functional not only to allow length, but thickness! This is Hidden Crown #60 with a length of 12 inches.


We do also get many questions about blending Hidden Crown Extensions. Please keep in mind extensions do not act as a “one size fits all” type of hairpiece. Everybody has different style, color, texture, etc. types of hair! When you buy your Hidden Crown Extensions, do not always expect to pull them out of the package ready to put on and walk out the door for a night out on the town. Your Hidden Crown should often times be customized, especially with layering. This will help your straight hairstyles blend even better! In this photo Bonnie is wearing a custom layered Hidden Crown color # 60 with a length of 16 inches.


Lastly, here is a photo of Bonnie wearing color #60 with a length of 20 inches to show how some curl or wave will also help blend your Hidden Crown and add some fun style!!


Since Hidden Crown Extensions is 100% remy hair you can treat them as your own hair! But we do give out specific care instructions, to help prevent damage to your extensions.  Hidden Crown Extensions are also double drawn hair. This means the strands are the same thickness from root to tip as opposed to hair that becomes wispy at the ends.

Overall, the thickness of a Hidden Crown may be enough volume with only one extension… and if this is the case rather than stacking two Hidden Crown’s we still recommend buying two sets of extensions! Daily wear and tear of straightening, then curling, then hair spray on your own hair that rubs off on your extensions (We recommend TO NOT USE ANY STYLING PRODUCTS on your Hidden Crown… if products are applied it will cause drying out of the extensions because it does not have the natural process of repair as your own hair).

Washing too much will also cause damage to your extension. That is why we highly recommend to follow our care instructions, and why purchasing two sets of Hidden Crown Hair Extensions would be highly beneficial. You can have 1 straight set and 1 curled set (In this case, you may not need to style your Hidden Crown for up to a week! The curl will hold).

If you have any questions feel free to comment below!


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