We have rounded up what we consider the best Bridal Hairstyles.

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Wedding season is here! Although does it ever really end? It seems like it comes in waves throughout the year.

Being a hairstylist during this time is exciting! They get to be apart of the wedding day buzz and be apart of making that brides day one to remember. They even get to hear all of the little stories about what has already happened throughout the day and was has yet to come. All of the excitement and anticipation of the rest of the day is overwhelming in the best way possible.

Since your day will have a lot of ups in it already, lets start off with some up-dos!


The first hairstyle we fell in love with was the twisted bridal up-do. It’s an easy hairstyle that takes minimal time to do but gives off an elegant and romantic look.


The second hairstyle is very similar to the first with the twists and turns. This one however is more complicated and detailed. It also requires a lot of bobby pins and a curling iron. It’s your day though and it’s time to get fancy!


For the modern bride, we chose a simple ponytail style look. It’s comfortable, easy, and keeps your hair out of your way, yet still looks amazing on any bride. The big curls coming out of the ponytail really gives it that extra touch.


You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle. Simply straighten your hair first and then take two small sections from either side and twist them back to meet in the middle. Create a fishtail braid going all the way down the back and you’re done! No need for a hairstylist, this one you can do all on your own!


And finally, our favorite hairstyle that we are completely obsessed with. This messy, yet elegant look is just stunning! To create this look we definitely recommend having a professional hairstylist do it for you. To perfect this hairstyle is hard but to keep it looking good all night long is easy. It already has that messy touch to it, so when you’re running around greeting and meeting people you won’t have to worry about needing your hair to be touched up! It’s the best of both worlds. ♥

Which hairstyle will you chose for your big day?


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