Wango Tango is always a concert to remember but what about the outfits and hairdos??

We saw a few that we would consider the best looks of the night! Keep reading to find out who we chose.

Did you get the chance to go to Wango Tango?! If not, you missed out on the music, but we are about to update you on the best looks so don’t worry!

Fifth Harmony, who just hit the top charts for their new song “Work From Home” was on the lineup again this year for Wango Tango. As always they sing beautifully together, but they make sure to still keep their styles separate. They each have their own style and added touch to show off their personalities. Even with their differences they all have a great look as a group and individually!


Gwen Stefani never ceases to amaze us with her chosen outfit for any evening. This time around she chose an eclectic style that consisted of a half mesh crop top and some baggy camo capris. She even dyed her hair half blonde and half black for a dramatic effect. Gwen has proven time and time again that she can rock anything on the runway.


Last, but not the least, Demi Lovato kills it at Wango Tango with her fierce, stunning look. She chose a short, choppy bob cut to go with her black and gold Egyptian style dress. The V-neckline in the front accents her body shape and finishes off her edgy look.


These ladies all killed it with their outfits, hair, and make-up. But most importantly they gave amazing performances while looking incredible!

Which performer do you think had the best look at Wango Tango?


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