Although Priyanka Chopra wowed us all on the red carpet, there were many other hairstyles we fell in love with too. Keep reading to find out who wore these hairstyles!❤️

In addition to the glorious red carpet fashion at the 68th annual Primetime Emmys, the annual awards show also featured breathtaking beauty looks. We think all of the lovely ladies that night looked stunning but only a few really stood out to us with their hairstyles.

When walking the red carpet, you have a lot of planning to do ahead of time. What dress you’re going to wear, what shoes will you match with it, if and what jewelry you should wear, and the most important part of it all…

How to wear your hair to complete the look?!?

This can be stressful, because your hair can either make or break your entire look.

Luckily for these celebrities, most of them don’t have to decide all on their own. They have a little help here and there between their friends and their stylists.


Emmy Rossum is not only a great actress but is also a beautiful girl inside and out! She kills this red carpet event by wearing an elegant deep-v white dress with her hair pulled to one side. We love this hairstyle she chose because she slicks back the one side and tucks it behind her ear while leaving the other side full with big curls!


Sophia Turner, the Game of Thrones actress, stepped out on the red carpet with a carefree kind of look. We love this look because she chose to wear her hair in a non-traditional way. She styled her long blonde locks into a loose, effortless braid with wispy strands shaping her face perfectly!


We started with Priyanka Chopra, so we thought it would be nice to end with this gorgeous girl as well! She strut the red carpet in her red flowy gown and decided to keep it classy with a slicked back ponytail. She finishes off her perfect look with red lipstick to match. 💋

From carefree to classy hairstyles, these ladies killed their walk down the red carpet!

Try these hairstyles out at your next red carpet event and see what you can create.


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