See the incredible difference our products can make in your life and with your hair!

Our first product, our Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, is double drawn, which means it is thick all the way through. From the weft to the ends of the hair it features the same thickness so you don’t lose out on any of your added volume! Our other brand of extensions is our Daydream. The DayDream also features tapered ends, which means the extensions are thickest at the very top by the weft and get thinner as you get to the ends of the extensions. This is for those who like the extra hair but also don’t want their ends to look too thick.

Check out some photos below of some of our customers wearing the Hidden Crown or Daydream extensions! 

Hidden Crown – Color #1B

DayDream – Color #622

DayDream – Color #1B

Hidden Crown – Color #882

Hidden Crown – Color #60 dyed with Provana red with a touch of purple.

Last but not the least at all is our Crown Topper! Our newest extension line & the one that allows anyone to be able to change up their hair color at a moments notice without the fuss or damage of using hair dye!

The first photo below shows Bonnie B. wearing our Crown Topper alone, with her natural blonde hair tucked up and out of sight to create a short brunette look.

The photo below that one shows Bonnie B. wearing our Crown topper over our Hidden Crown hair extensions to create a fuller look with the same color.

Depending on how much hair you want and what color, will help you decide what you should order!

Don’t forget to send us your before & after photos as well! We absolutely love seeing what kind of change our extensions can make and what kind of hairstyles you will create with them!

Until Next Time…

XoXo – Hidden Crown