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It’s that time of year again! Time to go back to school and hit the books, but you are going to need a few things first…



Mermaid Hair is all the new rage & these girls have perfected the look, click more to see what’s inspiring us!



Festival season is approaching fast! How will you be doing your hair for the weekend?!

We have our hairstyles planned out. Read more to find out what they are!



What are you going to do? Wear? and What hairstyle?!

We’ve got you covered, read more to find out what our Spring Break is going to look like!



Want to look like you spent no time at all on your hair and still look good?!

Check out the effortless hairstyles we do all the time!



Is it Friday and you have no idea how to do your hair? Check out our favorite Friday Hairstyles we have chosen!



Product Spotlight! This month we  chose Flower Crowns because we love wearing crowns whether it’s made out of diamonds, hair, or flowers! Check out how to make one of your own and how you can wear one when going out.


earlymorning (1)

Ever have those mornings where you just don’t have enough time to get all dolled up? We have some ideas that will not only cut down the time you spend on your hair but you will still look amazing afterwards!



We cannot get enough of your #CrownSelfies. ♥ Each and every one of you is so beautiful, and your locks are just as gorgeous. Keep reading to see who each of these featured beauties is!



Is your hair dry and damaged but you don’t have the time or money to leave your house to fix it? We have complied a list of home recipes that you can whip up in minutes!