Day 4 of Styles with Hidden Crown:

Style #4
Products featured: Hidden Crown 16″ Color #60/8 + Crown Clip In Quad weft #60/8

Step #1
Apply your Hidden Crown Halo-shaped Extension

Step #2
Pull the top half of your hair up and over your Hidden Crown Extension

Step #3
Take your Hidden Crown Quad Weft Clip in

Step #4
Attach your Hidden Crown Quad Weft Clip in to the top of the crown of your head

Step #5
Gently tease the front sections of hair that will lay over your HC Quad Weft Clip In

Step #6
Section off the front sides of your hair. Then put the crown section of your hair in a ponytail with a small elastic

Step #7
Split the hair above the ponytail elastic and pull the ponytail of hair back up through the split hair creating a twist ponytail.

Step #8
Taking each side section of hair split and twist the section on each side

Step #9
Twist each side section and loop it through the top of the ponytail

Step #10
Tuck the ends of each twisted side section into the ponytail twist

Step #11
Secure each twist with a decorative hair pins like shown

Step #12
Use a few decorative hair pins like shown

Step #13
Secure pieces of hair as necessary and curl your hair as desired to complete the look