Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are halo-type extensions… but what does that mean? Let us explain!

• FAQ: What Are Halo-Type Extensions? •



Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are 100% remy human hair. Translation: we give you the best quality hair! Our extensions are different than typical clip-in extensions; they are halo-type extensions! No clips, no glue, no damage. Halo-type extensions are extensions that are held together by a wire. You place this wire on your head, similar to how you would place on a crown (hence the name).  The wire is clear, so you’re unable to see it as soon as you place it on your head and blend it with your hair.

Benefits of halo-type extensions:

Take less than one minute to put on.

No bald spots.

Easy to blend.

Warnings when looking into halo-type extensions:

This design should never be sold with a clip– if it is, there is something wrong with the design.

Never buy a halo-type extensions with a double wire, it’s too hard on your scalp.

With this said, beware of imitation. The hair industry is not regulated. You need to be able to trust the brand you are buying from. Many companies include synthetic and non-REMY hair in their products. Find a brand you trust and stick with it. Any other questions? Please ask in the comments below. ♥

And wondering how a Hidden Crown is properly placed? Watch this video from our YouTube channel below.



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