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Some many options with Hidden Crown Hair Extensions…

Loving this icy custom colored bob look from Kelly! She had her #116 toned and cut to perfection by her stylist!


Gorgeous Fishtail Braid Look done by Amanda John!


Tanya is looking gorgeous with her loose waves and her 60/8 in 20 inches!


Stacy is ready to hit the stage with her sleek Hidden Crown Layered Extension! 👑 Color 622, 18inches!


Pair your Hidden Crown with a hat! Sydney is looking flawless as ever in her Hidden Crown #60/8!


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Always wear your Hidden Crown… Until next time queens!

There’s tons of decisions to be made when preparing for homecoming… Dress, date, makeup etc. It’s a big night, and you want to look your best. Hidden Crown wants help! Check out these homecoming hairstyles that are fit for a queen!

Sexy Double Ponytail

This sporty style gets a sexy makeover with lots of texture and a bit of volume. The perfect ponytail can be hard to achieve, what’s the secret? A double pony.

Messy Side-Fishtail Braid

While a classic fishtail braid would suffice as a beautiful homecoming hairstyle, adding embellishments and a bit of texture takes this look to a new level.

Side-swept Glamorous Waves

Gorgeously curled hair is a foolproof homecoming hairstyle, but depending on your dress, a full head of voluminous hair can be overwhelming. Pin one side into a faux undercut. It’s super-trendy and flatters every girl.

Braided Bun

This elegant low bun wowed on the red carpet, and it’s sure to turn heads at the high school dance.

Pulled-Apart Twist

Messy braids were a huge hit on the Spring/Summer 2015 runways, and the style translates perfectly for homecoming hair. The double twist even takes this look up a notch. Make your twist as messy as you want by tugging at the loops.

Have fun and dance the night away… Remember to always wear your Hidden Crown!

Look cute, and make it before that first bell rings! Check out these easy back to school hairstyles!








Just a reminder… You can achieve all of these looks wearing your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! Shop online today!

Hello September! As we say goodbye to summer (are we really?) and welcome pumpkin space everything, here are some MUST HAVES to help you ring in the new season…

  1. Everyone knows that a touch of hair oil is a great thing, whether you’re nourishing your hair or styling. This new oil can be added to wet or dry hair because it’s so lightweight.

  2. Masks helps to protect your skin from aging while brightening, hydrating and smoothing at the same time.

  3. Serum gently resurfaces pores to clean them out (and shrink their appearance) to help them look smaller in two weeks’ time.

  4. Everyone needs a great cream for fall, and why not invest in a
    regenerating skin cream?

  5. Nail polishes are a must-have this month, and we’re especially loving the deep purple color of aubergine.

  6. 3-way lash liner is exactly what you need to get the “graphic” liner look this season. Giving you the look of thicker lashes and a tighter line.

  7. A metallic liner will give you the pop of color you need this season!

  8. Last but not least, never leave the house without your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! Long curls paired with the perfect beanie… YES!

Until next time…


Happy Labor Day from Hidden Crown!



Just because summer is almost over, doesn’t mean there never a season to achieve beach curls.

Here is a quick tutorial we created on our main channel, Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, to achieve quick and easy Beach Curls!

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Hidden Crown

Ponytails are probably one of the most easiest hairstyles you can achieve. You can have them messy, curly, wavy, straight, long and even short.

Below here a few YouTube videos we loved and wanted to share with you guys on how to achieve different ways to how to wear a ponytail.

5 Minute Ponytail Tutorial by Kayley Melissa

4 Different Ways on how to get the Perfect Messy Ponytail

Easy Hairstyles with a ponytail

4 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles

So many great ways to achieve different ponytail hairstyles, which one is your fave?!

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Hidden Crown

Messy buns are such a hair trend whether you are lazy or just want to change up your hair a little. The messy bun hairstyle doesn’t always have to be perfect and you can achieve it it many different variations.

Below we wanted to share with you guys just a few of our favorites we love down below.

Messy Bun Tutorial by Kathryn Ann

Two Minute Messy Bun Tutorial by Someday Mama

Perfect Messy Bun Tutorial with no sock/donut by MissAlex

Three Different Ways To Get a Messy Bun Tutorial by Jade The Libra

6 Easy Messy Buns Tutorial by Annie’s Forget Me Knots

So many great ways to achieve the messy bun hair look! Let us know what’s your favorite way to do your messy bun!

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