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We are happy to announce our winner of the March contest is:

Terri Denyse!!


When you go into a salon for a new ‘do, it’s always good to be prepared and knowledgeable on proper hair terminology. There’s nothing worse than asking for a certain haircut and ending up with something completely different than what you envisioned! Read more to see which hair terms you should know to better communicate with your stylist, and get the perfect haircut you desire. (more…)

Is dull hair dimming your shine and self-confidence? Hair can become dull due to a multitude of environmental factors such as sun exposure, air pollution, living in dry conditions, and chemical buildup from styling products. Fear not, as there are plenty of natural home remedies to revive your luscious locks! Scroll down to see what methods we recommend… (more…)

Makeup artist Jessica Haze (@jessicahazemua on IG) has such an incredibly beautiful and unique style. She aims for darker monochromatic and pastel themes (more…)

Looking for hairstyle inspiration? These 10 adorable hairstyles for the upcoming spring and summer weather can be made with out using any heat or tools! You can wear any of these with your Hidden Crown Hair! Keep scrolling to see… (more…)

Hair loss can be a disheartening and traumatic experience, especially for women who once had full, long, voluminous locks. Self-confidence often comes (more…)

Mermaid hair has been a trend as of late, and ladies everywhere are taking part in curling their long locks! These waves can go with (more…)

It’s almost Springtime! The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and it’s the perfect season to get all dolled up and embrace a beautiful new year.  We wanted to showcase (more…)

Hidden Crown loves receiving beautiful photos from all of our valued customers, and we see a lot of incredible transformations! We are so happy to bring joy and (more…)

Have you ever wondered the SECRET to the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s beautiful shimmering locks and curls? You can achieve this look by following the steps below! (more…)