Monthly Archives: April 2016


What are you planning on wearing to Stagecoach!?! Read more to find out what we have in mind for the festival.



There’s a better way to wash your hair that you probably don’t know about.

It’s called Reverse Washing. Keep reading to learn more!



How are you doing your hair for stagecoach?! Can’t decide? Check out some hairstyles we have put together that we think are perfect for this country festival!



“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better,

it’s not.” – Dr. Seuss



The weather is starting to heat up!

Let’s beat it with some hairstyles that will keep you cool!



Product Spotlight! This month we are featuring Conair Bobby Pins. Keep reading to find out why we always carry these in our purse wherever we go!



Are you going to Stagecoach or Coachella or both?!

Read to find out more about each of these festivals!



Prom is coming!!! It is time to start shopping for the perfect dress and figuring out the perfect hairstyle and accessories to tie it all together! Read more to see what Prom Up-do’s we would chose.



Going to Coachella??  Check out our video below on how to do your hair for the big festival!



Putting your hair into a ponytail while wearing a Hidden Crown is easy! Watch our video below to see how it’s done!♥