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Queen of the Week - Kimmie

We’d like to take a moment and let you all in on Kimmie’s life.  Keep reading to see why we chose this beautiful, strong woman to be Queen of the Week.



Fall is in the (h)air!  With fall comes cooler weather, crunchy leaves, and new hair trends.  What’s taking the world by storm right now?  Headbands.


movingSo if Hidden Crown Hair Extensions don’t use clips…don’t they move around?

Let us explain! 😉



Curls, curls, curls.  ♥  Who doesn’t love them?  They can be casual, formal, cute… whatever you’re in the mood for!  Let’s talk about all the different kinds of curls you can create.


What is Remy Hair

If you’ve ever had or wanted hair extensions, then you’ve probably heard the words “Remy Hair” before. But, what IS Remy hair exactly? Is Remy Hair just another “buzz” phrase that is used in the hair extension world?



Having a braid in yourself instantly makes you look put together.  Whether the braid has an effortless or polished feel, your braid is guaranteed to get complimented.  We felt inspired to create an easy Fishtail Braid Half Up-do.



We’ve made a grand appearance on InTouch Magazine!  Another chance for women to discover the amazing opportunity to look and feel their best. ♥



She’s beautiful.  She’s intelligent.  She’s determined.  She’s the ultimate queen!  Shelley Goodstein is at the tip-top of the Hidden Crown Hair Extensions company.  She’s the woman who started the entire project!  The crazy thing about it?  This is only one of the many remarkable things she’s done in her life.



We admit we are a bit addicted to celebrities, so of course we had to create a blog post specifically for the VMA’s!  The celebs looked stunning, as always, which made it a bit difficult to choose our favorite looks.  Regardless, keep reading for our top 10 favorites. ♥



You are the winner of ONE Hidden Crown in the color and length of your choice. Please email us at with a photo of the back of your hair so our color experts can tell you which color matches your hair the best!!! Congrats again! ♥ And thank you so much to everyone who entered our contest. Keep a lookout for when we will be posting the next giveaway for the month of September! ♛


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