51 Incredible Girls and 1 Dazzling Crown…

Keep reading to hear all about this amazing journey to crowning the next Miss Teen USA.

First off, we are very proud sponsors of our girls!!

Kate Pekuri representing Idaho, Jami Forseth representing Montana, and Claire Wright representing Washington all did such an amazing job on and off stage!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.08.40 PM

They all absolutely killed it in every category and looked flawless.

Their upbeat, positive, and confident attitudes were not only charming but also inspirational.

These three worked so hard to get to this point and never once showed any sign of backing down or backing out.

This dedication to their job and image brought them to this point and we know that they will continue to do great things and grow with their communities.

During the competition and each category, we couldn’t chose favorites. All of the girls competing did an amazing job and even though we don’t sponsor them all, we are very proud of each and every one of them!

This competition started off with 51 contestants competing for their dream job and the title of being Miss Teen USA 2016. The finalists competed in athletic wear, evening wear, and final question.

The winner and woman who was crowned at the end of the evening, was Karlie Hay, representing her state Texas!!!

From the past to the present, both Katherine Haik Miss Teen USA 2015 and Karlie Hay Miss Teen USA 2016 are so excited for this dream job to be passed on.


We are so very excited to see what this stunning girl has in store for us during her year of reign!

We don’t have any doubts that she will do amazing things with her new title and crown. ♥


Hidden Crown