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Why the Hidden Crown Team Loves You!

Hidden Crown loves receiving beautiful photos from all of our valued customers, and we see a lot of incredible transformations! We are so happy to bring joy and (more…)

Holidays are filled with Hidden Miracles


It’s the Holiday Season! The Holiday Season!!! &&& it’s filled with Hidden Miracles!


Happy Holidays


It’s the greatest time of year!  A time to spend with loved ones, show your appreciation, and enjoy the warmth of the love surrounding you…


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Basket


Thinking of what to get your bestie for the holidays?  Put together a Gift Basket that she’ll love!


How to Put on a Crown Jewel


As you may know, we recently launched our Crown Jewels!  Thank you all for the amazing feedback we’ve been getting.  If you haven’t seen them, we encourage you to take a look and read this blog to learn how to put one on.


Crown Jewels


We’ve recently added Crown Jewels to the list of items we offer.  Have you gotten a chance to take a look at them? Keep reading to see them all. ♥


Hidden Crown vs. Competitors


We want YOU to have the BEST quality hair extensions possible. Keep reading to see the extra steps we take to ensure you have a perfect crown sitting on your head. ♥


How Do Hidden Crown Extensions Stay Put?

FAQ Questions 2 Blog flyer

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are so easy to put on and take off, it’s no question people always wonder how in the world they stay on.  We’re here to explain exactly how you are still able to move so freely while you wear a Crown!


Chloe Putting On a Crown without a Mirror!

Chloe Putting on
Chloe shows us that you don’t need a mirror to put on Hidden Crown Hair Extension! It’s so simple! With the invisible wire and a comb, you can have fabulous hair in just about a minute with our halo-type extensions! 

How Does Hidden Crown Extensions Stay In Place?

Better Putting on 7

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions is always here to answer ALL of your questions! Here is a common Hidden Crown Q&A: How does the Hidden Crown stay in place?!


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