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We cannot get enough of your #CrownSelfies. ♥ Each and every one of you is so beautiful, and your locks are just as gorgeous. Keep reading to see who each of these featured beauties is!


Haircare Tips

Hair Care Tips

Wearing your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions always gives your hair instant life and shape— the extensions are made of real hair, after all!  But it’s important to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible too.  We’ve gathered a few haircare tips as a guide towards beautiful hair everyday. ♥


Queen of the Week: Baylee Cheyann

Queen of the Week - Baylee Cheyann

Queen of the Week time! ♥ And we choose Baylee for her radiating inner and outer beauty.


Horoscope: Leo



July 23rd is not like any other day, it is the commencement of the Leo birthdays! Birthday shout-out to all of you Leo Queens.  Keep reading to see if Leo traits match yours and which hairstyles would suit you. ♥


Balmain Power Sisters


Wow! Power sisters take over the Balmain 2015 Autumn/Winter campaign!  Once again, Balmain paves the runway with an extremely powerful and popular campaign.  From the polished hairstyles, to the meaning behind the campaign we find this campaign to-die-for.


Hair Trend: Bronde



Brunette + Blonde = Bronde.  This hair color is the most recent hair trend taking over everyone’s head!  So who’s wearing it now?  See below. ♥


IBS Las Vegas


We are still radiating such joyous vibes whenever we think back to the recent International Beauty Show in Las Vegas.  We had a chance to meet so many wonderful women and we wanted to take a moment and recap on our favorite moments of the weekend. ♥


How to Blend Curled Hair


Curled hair is always the best go-to hairstyle for anyone!  Especially ladies with long hair.  ♥  Depending how loosely or tightly you create your curls, this style is perfect for all occasions.  Best part about it?  Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are made from 100% real hair, so you can curl them!  And we’re going to teach you how.


Queen of the Week

Queen of the Week - Maddie Rose

Time for Queen of the Week!  This week we have chosen… *suspense*… Maddie Rose!  This Beauty Queen proudly wears her Crown everywhere she goes.  In fact, she wears two! Keep reading to see why we love her. ♥


Date Hair Inspiration

Date Night Blog

First dates can be a little nerve-wracking… Are you going to run out of things to talk about?  Will you accidentally fall asleep during the movie?  Have you had something in your teeth the whole time?!  The last thing you want to worry about is how your hair looks.  We’ve gathered some Date Night Hair Inspiration photos to make sure you look and feel great. 😉


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