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Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Testimonials

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Hidden Crown Halo Shaped Hair Extensions Comparison


Hidden Crown Hair Extensions offers the best quality hair at the best competitive price we can offer. Similar companies offer hair quality that cannot compare to Hidden Crown because we offer 100% human remy hair. You can dye, style, wash, etc. your extensions and treat them like your own hair!


Hidden Crown Testimonial Showcase | Featuring: Natalie Jensen

Natalie Stacking Testimonial

In this video Natalie Jensen shows us how to stack two Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! Natalie wears color 60/8P, and stacks a 20 inch and 16 inch Hidden Crown for a look with more volume.


History of Halo Designed Hair


There are a lot of companies saying there were the ORIGINAL halo-shaped hair, but we thought it might be interesting to dig a little deeper to see just exactly what’s behind this design.


Hidden Crown Hair Extensions | New name, Same amazing hair extensions!

New Name 1

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions | New name, Same amazing hair extensions! And we are so excited to announce our NEW WEBSITE is up and running as well! Buy your ‪#‎HiddenCrown‬ at www.hiddencrownhair.comand email us with ANY questions at ♡


Hidden Crown Hair Extensions YouTube


Subscribe to our Halo Crown Hair Extensions YouTube channel for all tutorials, testimonials, and questions! ♛ ♛


International Beauty Show New York 2015


Special thanks to all the beautiful Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Queens that came to visit our booth at the International Beauty Show in ‪#‎NewYork‬this week! We LOVED meeting all of you gorgeous women. Cannot wait until our next show! Start your professional account now – Details at


Hidden Crown Haircare


Are you experiencing tangles and matting with your Hidden Crown? These situations may happen when you do not take care of your Hidden Crown properly. You can treat Hidden Crown Hair Extensions like your natural hair, but keep in mind, it does not have the process to grow back!


Hidden Crown Improper Fitting: Part 2


In this video Bonnie shows how to put your Hidden Crown on properly! The wire should not be too far back on your head, where the extension is loose. With an improper fitting, the wire can stretch and will not feel secure. Watch this video to see how to fit your Hidden Crown!


Alicia Blanco Miss Arizona USA 2009 Loves Hidden Crown

alicia 1b 16 inch

Hello from Dubai! I have my Hidden Crown and everyone is in love with it and wants to order.” – Alicia Blanco | Miss AZ USA 2009.


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